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​The different characteristics of screen printing in packaging trademark printing and book printing

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The different characteristics of screen printing in packaging trademark printing and book printing


The distinctive feature of packaging trademark printing, which is different from book printing, is that one page, one picture, and multiple pieces are combined. As few as two pictures are combined, and as many as dozens of pictures are combined. It is more appropriate to combine several pictures for printing. This is the problem to be considered in design and craftsmanship. Mainly consider from the following aspects.


1. The degree of difficulty of post-press processing. If a manuscript has more processing steps, it is necessary to carefully consider not making the printing layout too large. Otherwise, because the temperature and humidity of the printing workshop are not well controlled, it is easy to cause the paper to swell, so that the hot aluminum and embossing in the next process will be difficult to overprint accurately. As a result, the aluminum should be hot-pressed and embossed at one time, and it is necessary to hot-press several times. In addition, if there are too many splicing and the paper is deformed, it will seriously affect the registration and it is difficult to remedy it.


2. Special-shaped trademarks. Trademark labels are generally not very large. For thin paper special-shaped trademarks that need to be die-cut, do not join too much, otherwise the die-cutting quality will be affected due to the accuracy of the die-cut plate production.

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3. Printing quantity. If the number of prints is not large, don't overdo it. Because the layout is too large and the number of printings is small, the cost of imitation version is high, which will inevitably increase the cost of single standard.


4. The number of paper openings. The size of the packaging paper coincides with the paper size, so the printing paper is very standard and there is no waste problem. This is not the case for packaging trademarks. Due to the impact of the size of the single label, it is impossible to accurately assemble into eight, four, or folio printing. Therefore, whether to adopt the method of inserting, horizontal and vertical, collating, one-shot punching, and drawing the knife, etc., is based on the principle of saving printing paper as much as possible. Choosing a good process combination method can directly create profits for the enterprise.

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