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Textile Spray Cleaning Gun with adjustable nozzle

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China
  • Brand Name: ENYANG
  • Model Number: ENYANG-SLG-170-1
  • Type: High Pressure Gun
  • Application: washing gun
  • Cup Volume: 1200ml
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Color: yellow,white
  • Nozzle: single
  • Function: spot cleaning
  • Weight: 1.60 kgs
  • Output: 58 W
  • AMPS: 0.15 A
  • Capacity: 1200 ml
  • Material: plastic
  • package: Carton Box



Advanced technology, intelligent design, high spraying power, strong decontamination ability, and stable performance. A textile cleaning gun is a piece of efficient decontamination equipment. It uses high-pressure liquid spraying to achieve decontamination effects. It is widely used in fabrics, clothing, printing and dyeing, advertising printing, and other industries. 

EXCELLENT QUALITY:Textile cleaning gun uses the high-quality impact-resistant aluminum body to prevent wear. Precision components, wear-resistant design. 

ADJUSTABLE NOZZLE:The Cleaning spray gun is equipped with an adjustable nozzle, which enables the spray to change from a mist to a high-pressure linear spray with excellent results. HIGH EFFICIENCY:Make use of the high-pressure sprint ability of the liquid to make the spots clear exceptionally quickly and efficiently to achieve an efficient decontamination effect. spot remover gun can be used with general cleaning solutions or solvents. 

EASY OF USE:The handle of spot cleaner guns is ergonomically designed for easy and convenient operation. Manual pressure adjustment generates high-pressure spray without a compressor. 

WIDELY USED:Textile spot cleaning gun is suitable for knitting, printing and dyeing, clothing, advertising, print, and other industries. High water pressure and fast cleaning speed.

170 (1)

Premium Material

The copper nozzle has more delicate and soft atomization and a stronger water column, which is not easy to block. The body is made

of high-quality aluminum, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and has a longer service life.


Black Adjusting Knob

There is a black adjustment knob on the back of the spot cleaning gun. Rotate clockwise to reduce the shooting force, and

counterclockwise to increase the shooting power.

High-quality Switch Button

Screen printing gun adopts imported PVC material, comfortable and durable, not easy to damage, and fall off. Ergonomic handle

design for smooth operation.IMG_20190920_115046A


Large Capacity Kettle

The large-capacity water tank can hold 1.2L of cleaning solution or solvent. Spot gun screen printing features a hanging hook for

easy storage.


Curved Nozzle

The elbow nozzle can be easily adjusted, and it will not cause damage and perforation to remove oil stains on ultra-thin fabrics

such as silk.



After each work, please inject 1-2 drops of lubricant to maintain the machine.


The spotting guns are not only used for spot cleaning in the garment industry, but it is also very popularly used in laundries for cleaning stained garments, it is also used in printing industry for cleaning of ink rollers, it is also used in the Wig Industry to clean hair bases, in the electronic industry for cleaning excess flux on PCB's, for home gardening to spray on plants, for off-line machine cleaning where otherwise your hand cannot reach to clean, etc.



Since 2008, EY Betters has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality screen mesh.

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