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Tenluxe Ink Cleaner Stain Remover 12pcs 220V/50-60Hz Type B-1

  • Place of Origin: Taiwan, China
  • Brand Name: TENLUXE
  • Model Number: Type B-1
  • Type: High Pressure Gun
  • Application: washing gun, Spot cleaning
  • Cup Volume: 1200ml
  • Model: TYPE B-1
  • Cup Capacity: 800cc
  • Cup Material: nylon
  • Voltage: 220V /50 Hz
  • Power Supply: 40 w
  • Electric current: 0.33 A
  • Nozzle: flat and adjustable
  • Nozzle diameter: 17 mm
  • Weight: 2.00 kgs
Product Description

TENLUXE® Textile Cleaning Gun® Type B-1

* A stream-lined Nylon shell
* Light and easy to handle
* Powerful spray, low solvent consumption and high durability
The cleaning gun reciprocates 60 times a second so its performance depends on design, construction and regular maintenance. Each
Tenluxe cleaning gun is made from hundreds of precisely engineered parts. Strict quality controls during assembly ensure the
highest quality.
Products Description
The Tenluxe textile cleaning gun removes stains easily. Most oil stains or dust on textiles can be quickly cleaned with the
cleaning gun, making hand-washing unnecessary.
Particularly suited to ready-wear factories, textile factories and laundries with medium-to-load workloads.

AC Power Supply:110V 60Hz / 220V 60Hz / 220V 60Hz
Cup Capacity:800cc

The Use of the Cleaning Solvents

Step 1 Hold down the trigger switch and the solvent will start spraying after 5 seconds.
Keep a distance of 10 ~ 20 cm from the target. Adjust solvent strength by changing the distance.
Step 2 The volume can also be adjusted. Rotate volume control knob anti-clockwise to increase volume. Rotate clockwise to reduce
volume and spray strength.
Step 3 Clean from the edges first. For lighter solvents, reduced the volume slightly. If volume is too high actual spray strength
is reduced.
Step 4 If the nozzle head is blocked, remove the nozzle head and clear obstruction with a toothpick or another cleaning gun. Donot
use a hard metal needle.
• The pump cylinder (see Drawing C) includes wear-resistant copper lining (C ①) and chromium ring (C ②) to deliver a service life
of more than 100 million cycles.
• The oil storage ⑥ allows constant lubrication of the pump to extend piston life.
• The piston spring (C ⑤) isolates the spring and liquids (C ④) to prevent corrosion.
• Distinctive impact-resistant nylon housing for thermal protection and ease of cleaning.
• A variety of nozzles for different applications are available.


At the end of each working day or after a single use, spray a mixture of solvent and 5~10% machine oil to prevent rusting of the
pump cylinder. 5 drops of lubricating oil should also be applied to the lubricating hole after every 5 gallons of solvent sprayed.
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