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​Silk screen printing squeegee rubber

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Silk screen printing squeegee rubber

The screen printing squeegee handle it's used to transfer the ink through the mesh, making the screen printing stamping as possible. Our screen printing squeegees are mounted on a moisture-resistant pine wood profile. The ergonomic construction of the wooden handle is designed for a firm grip on the tool.  Rubber hardness is measured in shore degrees. The colors of the rubbers are distinctive of the shore grades, indicating their hardness. Higher numbers indicate greater hardness. It is important to choose a suitable hardness depending on the support we are working on. 


The squeegee rubber influences the ink deposit. A squeegee with a hard rubber will allow less ink transmission than one with a soft profile, which will leave more ink.The green rubbers have a hardness of 75º shores and the yellow ones have a hardness of 65º shores. Green rubber squeegees are very versatile. although they are suitable above all for printing graphic work. Leaving an adequate deposit when using 90 or 120 thread count and printing on paper, cardboard, metal or plastic. Even so, we can also use it with meshes of 77, 61 or even 43 threads, being able to print on textiles as well.

Since 2008, EY Betters has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality screen mesh.

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