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Silk screen printing mesh fabric

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Tips for manual screen printing.

The screen printing technique as the basis of processes in the industry. 

Thanks to the fact that its work system makes it possible to transport any type of material that runs smoothly and with a controlled material deposit, it is used in the production of different objects, from plastic, metal, construction and other items. Due to its characteristic of being able to accelerate the production of series, it is ideal in these fields. 

manual serigraphy

Tips for manual screen printing.

First of all, when preparing the silkscreen screen, you must leave a minimum space of between 8 and 10 cm. free image around the perimeter of the frame facilitates and increases the success of stamping. Thus, a frame with an internal size of 40×50 cm, for example, is recommended for stamping an image no larger than 20×30 cm. Rushing the image to the margins is one of the most common mistakes.

enyang-silkscreen printing tips 

In addition, a thick ink will be more opaque, but it will dry faster on the screen, blocking and losing the image as we print. To make the ink more fluid we can use a suitable retarder for the ink we are using. The retardant delays the drying of the ink on the screen and makes the ink more fluid without losing its pigmentation capacity. 

At the time of recording, it is recommended to use a transparent acetate or recording astralon that has been hooked with tape on the work table. It is stamped on the acetate and, being transparent, the

Since 2008, EY Betters has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality screen mesh.

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