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​Red Arrow 170 textile cleaning spray gun spot cleaning gun

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Red Arrow 170 textile cleaning spray gun spot cleaning gun

Red Arrow Cleaning Gun is a new, improved cleaning gun that makes this unit easier to handle and provide a convenient access to the internal parts. The metal housing is proteced with a plating which prevents discoloration and wear. Lightweigth design with powerful spray action. Electrically operated on 110 volt, the gun generates pressure of up to 1500 PSI. Cleaning fluid is hydrostatically pumped and atomized into pressurized spray. The strong pressure will come out directly from a bendable nozzle head, and no air compressor is required.

enyang-spray gun 

The combination of high pressure and cleaning fluid dissolves and blasts out stains from all types of knitted clothes, garments, suits, machinery, etc. They atomization and volume control allow for an excellent spray pattern and conserving of cleaning fluid. Soiled fabrics are quickly and economically cleaned to restore them to first quality. It is used extensively throughout the textile, apparel and other industries. Sets on bench or hangs on hook when not in use.

Since 2008, EY Betters has been manufacturing and exporting high-quality screen mesh.

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