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A3 A4 DTF pet film roll transfer film

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The production process of heat transfer material you don't know

Hands-on DIY, use your own hands to transfer your favorite graphics onto your favorite clothes through thermal transfer materials. In printing production, it is generally believed that the heat transfer material is re-ironed, and then the film is torn off. However, the facts are not that simple. The editor will take everyone into the whole process of Qingyi heat transfer material production.


First of all, it is the production of release film. The release film is the substrate of the printing material. The pattern is first printed on the release film and then transferred to the fabric by a heat transfer machine. Regarding the production of release films, Qingyi heat transfer has advanced mechanized and automated equipment for the production of release films. The release film is divided into matte, bright, and flat. At the same time, there is a difference between cold tear and hot tear. The main part of the release film is that the surface is flat and smooth, and the coating is uniform, effective, anti-sticking, and anti-static. After production, the release film needs to be cut and packaged.


Then it was printed on the release film. The release film is printed with a full-automatic color printer, and the color-printed release film is placed in a dehumidifying room for dehumidification and drying for 24 hours.


After the color printing pattern is dry, proceed to the next screen printing process to print transparent white and glue. Gluing machines include fully automatic machines and semi-automatic screen printing machines. Cut the glued heat transfer material paper, use a heat transfer machine to transfer the heat transfer material to the clothes, and then take the printed clothes for testing. Each batch of heat transfer materials produced by Qingyi heat transfer Do testing, including washing test, tensile test, etc.

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